Company Profile

A private company with over 30 years experience of manufacturing feeds, Porters have the flexibility to supply feeds to businesses of all sizes, from the very largest producer to those who just need small quantities in bags.

The mill at Navenby, 10 miles south of Lincoln, operates, through on-going investment and maintenance programmes, to the very highest technical and operating standards within the industry.

Feed is available on an ex-mill and delivered basis with a dedicated fleet of vehicles facilitating bulk deliveries over a wide area stretching from Yorkshire in the north to East Anglia in the south.

Being situated in the heart of the major UK cereal-growing region is beneficial to both the grower and livestock producer. Wherever possible, raw materials are sourced as locally as possible and Porters are an important buyer of all types of home-grown cereals, pulses and oilseeds.

Commitment to Agriculture

Porters have extensive livestock operations which act as a test facility for any ideas or technical developments designed to improve the performance or welfare of stock. A large arable farming business complements the integrated approach adopted by the company.


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